After beating all 165 Elden Ring bosses on the hardest possible difficulty despite being level 1, streamer reckons they might “finally be ready for Shadow of the Erdtree”

Prolific SoulsBorne streamer MissMikkaa has successfully beaten every boss in Elden Ring on New Game Plus seven difficulty as a level one Tarnished.

Every time you think the streamer can’t top their previous achievement, they go and do something like this. Apparently not satisfied with beating Malenia twice at the same time while using a dance pad for one controller, MissMikkaa has beaten all 165 bosses in Elden Ring while keeping their Tarnished at a paltry level one, but on New Game Plus seven difficulty.

I DID IT! I beat ALL 165 bosses in Elden Ring in the hardest possible difficulty NG+7 (Journey 8) as a level 1 character! The whole run (8 playthroughs) took 269 hours, nice, my longest challenge run to date. More info in replies. Now I’m FINALLY ready for Shadow of the Erdtree 23, 2024

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The full clip above, taken from a stream earlier this week, shows MissMikkaa finally triumphing over the Elden Beast to cap their eighth journey through Elden Ring as a level one Tarnished. I’m hardly surprised the entire thing took 269 hours – if anything I’m shocked it didn’t take somewhere north of 300 hours, considering 165 bosses in total were slain.

If you’re wondering which boss posed the biggest challenge to MissMikkaa, look no further than the Valiant Gargoyle duo, where two of the horrible stone buggers come for you at once. The streamer took 405 attempts to fell the duo, and died a grand total of 2145 times throughout the playthrough – all without using any Summons, Great Runes, Sorceries, Incantations, or  pots.

Here is the Malenia kill, which took me 63 tries. The hardest boss was Valiant Gargoyles DUO, which took me a whopping 405 tries. In total I died 2145 times to bosses in NG+7. I used no summons, great runes, throwing pots, sorceries nor incantations. 23, 2024

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We’ve covered MissMikka’s feats a lot over the past two years or so – they’re just that impressive. The streamer beat God of War’s toughest boss in 12 hours using nothing but a dance pad, and elsewhere in Elden Ring, they killed Margit using an acoustic guitar as a controller. Oh, and they even got their dog to play Elden Ring, and turns out the pooch is pretty darn good at FromSoftware’s game.

The Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, launches next month on June 21. If you haven’t already, go and drop MissMikka a follow on Twitch – I’m sure they’ll have something juicy planned for the DLC.

Tantalizing new Elden Ring DLC images might be teasing Miquella, a classic FromSoft castle, and an odd Dark Souls 2 reference.

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