Fortnite Dummy’s Joyride Quests And Week 10 Challenges

It’s Week 10 in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, and believe it or not, that nearly spells the very end of the season. The Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 start date is just around the corner, meaning these challenges and any others you have lingering will soon be wiped from the game. If you’re still climbing toward battle pass tier 100–or 200 for completionists–be sure to use our guide right here, which will walk you through every single Fortnite quest on your docket this week.

Note that the Week 10 challenges are actually joined by a longer and more XP-generous list of challenges tied collectively called Dummy’s Joyride. These vehicle-centric quests are likely a tease for the rumored Season 3 theme revolving around car combat–we even expect a Mad Max/Furiosa tie-in to hit the game this summer, so look forward to that.

Below you’ll find the solutions to every in-game challenge for Week 10 and Dummy’s Joyride. If you need help with anything else in the game, let us know and you may just see it on the site soon after.

Visit Mount Olympus and consume food

For this challenge, you’ll want to land at Mount Olympus in the southeastern part of the island. Produce boxes can be found randomly inside many interiors, but you may sooner find a pair or more of Flowtberries as ground loot. There’s no one guaranteed spawn, so just stay away from other players until you grab and eat some food to complete this challenge.

Search Olympus Chests (3)

Staying in Mount Olympus, you’ll need to search three Olympus Chests, which are the golden chests found only here and in Brawler’s Battleground farther to the south. Like food items, you’ll need to rely on luck a bit, as chests of any sort can spawn in different places each round, but you’ll want to keep to interiors, as these special chests are often found behind stairs or tucked into corners of rooms.

Travel distance while flying with Wings of Icarus

Perhaps the season’s best toy, the Wings of Icarus can spawn all over the map, but fortunately they seem to drop more often at the lore-related spots. If you’re still in Mount Olympus reading this, you have a good shot at finding them in the location. Sadly no NPC sells them as a shortcut, but they’re commonly found anyway–and always of Epic (purple) rarity, which may help you spot them from a distance. In my experience, they often spawn as loot resting atop Mount Olympus’ buildings.

Eliminate bosses or players (25)

This one is simple enough and will surely come with time after a few rounds. But if you do want to speed up the process, be sure to jump into Team Rumble, which allows respawning and is always a great place to spam your quest list when you just feel like getting them out of the way.

Travel distance while holding Aspect of Combat or Aspect of Speed (250)

This quest has the same idea as one from last week but focuses on the Aspects (medallions) belonging to Ares and Zeus, respectively. You’ll either need to land at Brawler’s Battleground to defeat Ares or Mount Olympus to dethrone Zeus and pick up their dropped Aspects once they’re defeated. If all else is equal, I’d suggest you pick Zeus’ Aspect, as you run faster and jump farther with it, allowing you to clear the required meters traveled more easily, but if Mount Olympus is too hot a drop given all the focus there this week, you may be safer taking on Ares.

Eliminate a player with Thunderbolt of Zeus

Like the Wings of Icarus, the Thunderbolt of Zeus can more often be found inside the Greece-inspired locales, but it’s not required you go there. Still, given you may already be at Mount Olympus anyway, you’re likely to find one. The Thunderbolt has three shots, doing 40, 40, and 120 damage, respectively. In classic battle royale, that’s enough to kill a player if you land all three shots. But in Zero Build, you’d need to crack their extra shields first.

Your best bet is to use it on a downed player, making it easier to land your shots, and because their health pool is already reduced.

Dummy’s Joyride Quests

If you’ve done all of the above, you’ve completed the Week 10 challenges–and maybe never even left Mount Olympus to do so, which is a nice bonus this week. The rest of the quests shown here are part of the presumably Season 3-teasing Dummy’s Joyride questline. They’re a little more involved, but you should be okay so long as you use our guide.

Fuel up at gas stations (50)

There are three gas stations on the map, and each of them will feature a car or two already on the location. If possible, take the sports car over the SUV, as you’ll need it for other challenges. And remember that fueling up the car doesn’t require you first to drain a full tank of gas. You can just “fill” an already full tank. It’s really 50 points worth of the animation you’re looking for here. Find the gas stations at the map above.

Travel distance in a sports car (3,000)

This one reads easily enough, but the distance requirement is pretty high–you’re liable to have your tires shot out before you complete this in one round. My best advice: Grab a car at a gas station while you do the above challenge, then drive it to the other gas stations if the storm allows, refueling when you arrive at each of them.

Emote at Grim Gate, Brawler’s Battleground, or Mount Olympus (1)

The keyword here is “or,” so you only have to pick one of these. Since the Week 10 challenges are so focused on Mount Olympus, that seems most reasonable, but whichever you choose, don’t do like I do and totally forget to emote before I’ve escaped the locale as the storm closes in.

Destroy objects while in a vehicle (50)

Quests like this make me miss the Cow Catcher, but we can make do. The easiest things to run over are small wooden fences and bushes, but to quickly stack up the destroyed objects, use a car at a gas station you aren’t planning on driving, and simply ghost-ride it into the fuel pumps, which will create a massive explosion and destroy a few dozen objects–perhaps even 50 or more.

Deliver a sports car to Dummy

Dummy can be found at the gas station southwest of Lavish Lair. Provided you don’t kill him in the explosion I recommend above, you may be able to hop into a sports car right then and there and “deliver” it to him by simply being near him. If that doesn’t work, drive out of the gas station about 100 meters, then turn around and try again. The game will count this as a delivery.

Damage opponents while in a vehicle (300)

The easiest way to do this is to ride shotgun, since driving prevents you from firing weapons. If you’re playing on solo mode, you could always switch to another seat to fire, or, of course, just run players over–though shooting them is going to be faster if you’re nailing your shots.

Jump a sports car and travel 70 meters before landing

This one is a bit tricky since you can easily get airtime, but perhaps not enough airtime to clear the quest from your log. Your best bet is to use one of the several stunt ramps added to roads all across the map. There’s one on the road north of Fencing Fields and another on the road that cuts through Lavish Lair and Classy Courts for two handy starting places. You could also try hitting a rock at the right angle before you fly off a mountainside. Don’t forget your seatbelt!

Purchase items at vending machines or mod benches

Luckily, gas stations always have some kind of vending machine in them, so you can complete this one while you do many of Dummy’s other quests. I recommend the gas station southwest of Lavish Lair, since just northwest of it you’ll find a weapons bunker with a mod bench if you prefer to go that route. Just know that if the bunker is locked in chains, it’s not going to open in that round.

Purchase services from characters (3)

There are currently several NPCs who offer their services, which is separate from items they may sell. A service might be an HP Patch Up, a Rift, or they may travel with you as an AI ally. The best NPCs you should consider, as well as their services, locations, are as follows:

Aphrodite – Joins party and heals; located at a house east of Snoopy SteppesSpartan Assassin – Joins party and drops ammo; located on a lakeside mountain east of Classy CourtsMyna – Joins party and pings enemies; located in the woods east of Rebel’s RoostArtemis – Joins party and pings enemies; located in the southern driveway of Lavish Lair

Note that hiring an NPC will dismiss any previously hired NPC unless they’ve been hired by different people in your squad.

Spend bars in different matches (5)

Spending money on V-Bucks is already something I’m quite skilled at, but in this case, you’ll want to focus on spending your in-game gold, the free currency you spend on NPCs and vending machines. If you need more in a hurry, throw EMP grenades at vending machines. Each hit will cause it to spit out 150 gold–so a full stack of six grenades quickly earns you 900 gold!

That’s it for your Week 10 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2. For more tips on the game, be sure to check out our Fortnite secrets and advanced tips with more secrets to share like the vending machine tip detailed above.

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