Fortnite – New Weapons In Chapter 5 Season 3

A new season of Fortnite is here, which means a new loot pool. In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, many of the new weapons aren’t found in your inventory, but on vehicles instead.

Still, there are many unvaulted weapons and new weapons to catch your eye. Here’s everything you can find this season when it comes to new Fortnite weapons.

New Fortnite weapons and loot pool

First, let’s start with the loot pool this season, which will surely grow over time. An interesting wrinkle to this season’s guns is that several Mythic variants are also the only version of a particular gun, such as the auto shotgun that can only be equipped if you manage to snag the Mythic version. Keep that in mind as you check out the list below.

The launch of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 includes the following weapons, with Mythics called out when applicable.

Boom BoltRingmaster’s Boom Bolt*Nitro FistsMegalo Don’s Nitro Fists*Combat ShotgunGatekeeper ShotgunHammer Pump ShotgunCerberus’ Gatekeeper Shotgun*Oscar’s Frenzy Auto Shotgun*Warforged Assault RifleTactical Assault RifleEnforcer Assault RifleThe Machinist’s Combat Assault Rifle*Thunder Burst SMGHarbinger SMGHuntress DMRRanger PistolHand CannonShockwave Grenades


Nitro Fists

Likely to be this season’s new favorite toy is the Nitro Fist. When wearing it, you’ll be able to perform a three-part melee combo, an uppercut, or an aerial punch which importantly doubles as a traversal ability.

The Nitro Fist has four charges and recharges every eight seconds, though the melee combo does not use any of your charges by itself.

Vehicle combat explained

As mentioned, a lot of this season’s theme and new experiences can be felt when behind the wheel (or handlebars). For everything on Chapter 5 Season 3 car combat, check out our season launch preview where we go over everything new in Fortnite which contains all the details about this part of the game.

Teaser: grappling hook

Shown here is a grappling hook that can attach to cars. Epic hasn’t announced what this is yet, but you can expect it to arrive later this season.

Teaser: Magneto’s Mythic abilty

Shown here is Magneto using some kind of superpower that will probably come to the game once the skin is unlockable later this season.

Other items

There are a few other items in the loot pool this season that don’t classify as weapons. Here’s what we know about them.

Nuka-Cola – a new healing item inspired by Fallout; heals “a bit of health” and, over time, shieldsKind Cacti – healing plants that can be smashed with a pickaxe or vehicle to receive their healing.

Weapon rebalancing

Several weapons have had their stats tweaked for the launch of Chapter 5 Season 3. Here’s the full list:

Tactical Assault Rifle

Increased damage at long distancesReduced recoilReduced bullet spread

Enforcer Assault Rifle

Increased damageIncreased fire rateIncreased critical hit multiplier

Hand Cannon

Increased damage at long distancesIncreased projectile speed

For more on Fortnite’s big day, check out everything new in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

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