This is the PSVR 2 deal we’ve all been waiting for

PSVR 2, the best VR headset on the market for gaming, has just had its price cut by $100 to celebrate PlayStation’s Days of Play sale. The main focus of this event tends to be game sales on the PlayStation Store, but Sony’s just dropped one of the best hardware deals of the year on either side of the Atlantic.

Arguably, this offer brings PSVR 2 down to the price it should have always been at. $550 isn’t actually all that expensive for what we deem the best VR headset, but to win over the console crowd it’s been serving, it’s quite the hurdle to leap. Here it is though, finally down to $449 at Walmart. As if that wasn’t enough, Sony’s VR headset has also seen a price cut in the UK, and you can grab it for only £429 at John Lewis just now.

I wouldn’t wait around here, with a premium piece of gaming hardware from a brand that seldom discounts anything, it’s likely there will be stiff competition for stock. If you’re keen to finally get hands-on with PSVR 2, this is the best opportunity there’s ever been.

PSVR 2 | $549.99 $449 at Walmart
Save $100 – PSVR 2 hasn’t dropped this low previously. Like the DualSense Edge, we’ve barely seen the price of this headset shift at all since its February 2023 launch. In this deal, you save 18%, which is $100. This brings it $50 cheaper than the 128GB Meta Quest 3, making it quite the prospect for VR fans. If you struggle for stock at Walmart, it’s also on sale at Amazon via the link below.

Price check: Amazon

Buy it if: 

✅ You want a premium VR headset for PS5 or PC
✅ You want a better resolution and feature set than Quest 3
✅ You don’t mind tethering it to another platform

Don’t buy it if: 

❌ You’d rather have a standalone headset
❌ You don’t own a PS5 or PC. 

UK: £429 at John LewisView Deal

Of course, this discount arrives just a few months after PlayStation announced that PC support for this headset is being worked on and should arrive sometime this year. It also comes after multiple reports that PSVR 2 hasn’t sold well. I never put too much stock in those reports myself, because almost every VR headset that releases faces those headlines. 

PSVR 2’s biggest rival, the Meta Quest 3, is most affordable in its 128GB size, and this deal brings Sony’s headset down to $50 cheaper. Considering any discounts we’ve seen on either device have been minuscule compared to this, I’d argue this is the best VR headset deal we’ve seen all year.

Should you buy PlayStation VR 2? 

(Image credit: Future / Duncan Robertson)

If you’ve read my VR coverage before, you’ll know that I’m happy to recommend PSVR 2 until I turn blue in the face. That’s not to say the Meta Quest 3 isn’t a serious contender, but for pure gaming features, resolution per eye, and price to performance, there’s no beating PSVR 2. 

If you don’t have a PS5, this is a slightly harder recommendation. PC support is on its way, and we know that now. If you have one of the best gaming PCs and you’ve been tempted to get a Quest 3 until now, I’d seriously consider getting this instead. The OLED display, the foveated rendering, and the capacitive sensors on the controllers all add up to a perfect VR headset for PC gaming. 

The Meta Quest 3 has its mixed-reality features, and an undeniably impressive library of games, but if PC gaming is going to be your focus, or you do already own a PS5, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is the headset to buy. 

If you’re a PS5 owner who can swing the cash, I’m so excited for you to know about this offer. PSVR 2 gives your console a whole new lease of life and is undoubtedly one of the best PS5 accessories. Whether it’s playing the impressive VR titles we have access to so far, or using the console’s wider library in cinematic mode – which continues to be one of my favorite ways of using the device

For more VR deals check out the best Meta Quest accessories, and the best Meta Quest deals. If you’d rather hold onto nostalgic ways of gaming, check out the best gaming handhelds.

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